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Vigilance Officer

Reference: NISG endorsement F. No. 403/NISG-CA/2023, dated 07.04.2023

The Board of NISG, in its 53rd meeting held on 29.3.2023, has resolved that in order to curb corruption and to strengthen the mechanisms for ensuring transparency, efficiency and accountability in NISG, a Vigilance Mechanism be created in NISG, and to forthwith adopt as part of NISG's Human Resource (HR) policy the procedural safeguard that payment of full and final settlement of dues of all NISG employees shall be subject to vigilance clearance from such Vigilance Mechanism.

Pursuant to the said resolution, Ms Anisha D'Costa, Senior Manager is hereby appointed as Vigilance Officer, NISG [email:], until further orders. She shall report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), NISG on all vigilance matters, except vigilance matters pertaining to CEO, NISG, in respect of which she shall report to Chief Vigilance Officer, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) through the Group Coordinator in charge of the Division of MeitY that deals with NISG matters.


The vigilance officer: Ms. Anisha D’Costa, Senior Manager, NISG

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