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NISG is a unique organization operating in the meta-space of e-Government. NISG has provided consulting support to both central and state Governments in India in developing and implementing e-Government projects. NISG strives for excellence and prides itself in generating value for clients.


Our services include advising the Government of India on strategic issues such as architectures, standards, localization, PKI infrastructure, etc. In addition to an advisory role, we also help central and state governments improve the delivery of government services, design IT systems to enhance internal efficiencies, and develop leadership capability and internal skill-sets. We also leverage private and government partnerships to conduct capacity building programs for clients.

Working with Coffee

Consulting Services

Help clients define their vision, mission, and goals, and formulate a strategy to convert their vision into reality.

Business Meeting

Capacity Building

Create and manage capacity building initiatives, specializing in Strategic Consulting, Knowledge Management, and Content Development.

Business Team

Project Management

Oversee project management for efficient and effective project/program monitoring, management & service delivery.

Job Interview

Talent Acquisition

Recruit & manage quality talent for clients efficiently to meet organizational needs. 

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