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Human Capital Augmentation

NISG acts as a strategic partner in talent acquisition and management for clients looking to recruit quality applicants efficiently. We focus on the client's needs and base our work on four following pillars:


  • Strategic Focus: NISG aligns its operating model with the long term goals of the organization, with a particular emphasis on human capital. We create effective organizational structures, culture, employee value propositions, systems thinking and communication strategies. We lay emphasis on organizational ethics and making socially conscious business decisions.


  • People: NISG fosters business leaders who can anticipate change, analyse the environment, act decisively and collaboratively, and affirm the value of positive change. We study the business environment and design effective HR practices and recruitment process accordingly. We focus on long-term strategy, anticipating needs and developing innovative solutions for better employee engagement and retention.


  • Systems: In an HR capacity, NISG tracks employee histories, skills, salary and their accomplishments, combining HR functions of benefits administration, payroll, recruitment & training, & performance analysis and review in one package.


  • Operational Excellence: NISG considers operational excellence as its fourth pillar towards its client’s success.  By focusing on Strategy, People and Systems, we strive to achieve Operational Excellence.  At NISG, we believe in continuous improvement and our HR professionals spend a lot of time on benefit packages, resolving employee disputes, hiring new employees, and much more.  We have a definite “response time”, for each activity. For e.g. from the time the hiring need is approved until candidates walk in the door, we keep our clients abreast of the activities and collaborate with them regularly to get things prioritized and be on track.


Areas of Specialization:

  • Manpower Provisioning: Hiring the right manpower is the most important factor for the success quotient of any business entity, department or process.  NISG has developed a fully Integrated Manpower Provisioning Services, Human Resourcing, Contracting, Recruitment and Training facility across multiple domain. We are one of the major Suppliers of competent manpower to the varied clientele across different ministries and government departments.  We believe in effective management of staffing, turnover and retention through selection of employees that fit with both organization need and culture.

  • Talent Acquisition Strategy: NISG has a robust Talent Acquisition strategy and acquires candidates through multiple channels mapping resources through internal references, employees in other government departments and external sources.  We recruit through dynamic sourcing channels like:

    • Social media

    • Job portals

    • NISG Website  We employ a highly experienced Talent Acquisition Team including technical recruiters who ensure that the candidates undergo a stringent process of screening and acquiring the right candidates for the role. We create an active pipeline of resources and do active employment branding.


  • HR Management and Administration: At NISG, Human Resource Management is done by linking of HRM with strategic goals and objectives in order to improve business performance and developing organizational cultures that foster innovation and flexibility.
    We plan and deploy our HR activities in a way that enables organizations to achieve their goals. Human Resource activities such as recruitment, selection, training and rewarding personnel are done by keeping in view the company's goals and objectives.We collaborate with best in class payroll management team employ the latest technology and HR software which encompasses the following HR modules:

    • Payroll

    • Time and attendance

    • Performance appraisal

    • Employee self-service                                                                                                                                               Our HR procedures and policies are developed and benchmarked with successful industry practices, so that there is a framework by which employees are expected to perform in the workplace. These policies include all areas of employment, including recruitment, compensation, termination, benefits, employee relations and leaves of absence, performance management.

  • Compliance with Statutory Provisions: Compliance with legal laws and requirements is amongst top risks to be managed for the organizations. Deploying our audit and compliance experience we have developed comprehensive compliance programmes and checklists to ensure that compliance risks related are effectively mitigated. Aligning our HR strategies with operations, we develop Standard Operating Procedures, defining ways and means, timelines and responsibility to execute human resource functions in a systematic and structured manner.


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