State Government Projects

Health Management Information System (HMIS)

Client: Department of Health, Medical & Family welfare (DoHM&FW), Government of Andhra Pradesh Description: NISG was engaged as primary consultants to support them in designing & developing an appropriate IT enabled Health Management Information system to provide decision support (operating, managerial & strategic), enhance evidence based policy making and undertake effective monitoring leading to improve accountability and effectiveness at all levels of the health system. Project Objectives:

  • To design and implement Health Information applications that result in significant improvement in efficiency & effectiveness in delivering Health care Services.
  • To adopt technology which results in significant improvement in the administrative efficiency of the Health Directorates/Institutions.
  • To introduce systems that simplify/optimize reporting processes across all the services/functions under the health system and improve their effectiveness.
  • To establish interfaces among key directorates/sub departments for sharing data/information.

Delhi Online:Jeevan

Client: Department of Information Technology, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi (GNCTD) Project Description: Project Jeevan seeks to redefine public service delivery by focusing on significantly enhancing the quality of services available to the citizen. The project was also envisioned to enhance the ability of the citizens to interact with the Government on a regular basis with speed, convenience, transparency, certainty and accountability. All services are intended to be provided through a One-Stop-Shop concept with Any-Time-Any-Where facility. Project Objectives:

  • To provide Consulting services to identify departments and conceptualize and design the citizen centric services that would be made available through CSCs.
  • To conduct a need assessment study to identify priority services to be launched through CSCs.
  • Preparation of functional & technical architecture, business mode, RFP for selection of Implementation Agency

Jeevan Project Version 2.0

Client: Intelligent Communication Systems India Ltd (ICSIL), Government of National Capital Territory Delhi (GNCTD) Project Description: Jeevan Project aims to make all Government services accessible to the common man, through common service delivery outlets and an online portal to ensure accessibility, convenience, transparency and timeliness in service delivery to all the citizens of Delhi. Project Objectives: ICSIL engaged NISG as consultants for Jeevan 2.0 wherein an Implementation partner for enhancement, upgradation and maintenance of Jeevan Portal & Jeevan Centers.

Bhu Bharti - Integrated Land Information System

Client: Department of Land Revenue, Government of Andhra Pradesh Project Description: As part of efforts to reform land administration, the Government of Andhra Pradesh has considered the introduction of Bhu Bharati, an integrated land information system, to be piloted in Nizamabad district. Project Objectives: Establish and manage a comprehensive and sustainable Land Information Management System, which serves as a record of conclusive titles of all land parcels and provides related services in an integrated, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Design of e-Procurement system

Client: Government of Chhattisgarh Project Description: The Government of Chhattisgarh has launched a project to implement a single, unitary, end-to-end e-procurement solution across the State. This system is expected to help the government maintain a clear picture of its procurement activities on a real-time basis. Transparency in public procurement will be enhanced, with suppliers and contractors having equal and fair access to opportunities advertised online. Project Objectives:

  • Maximizing transparency by making available online vital information related to procurement.
  • Ensuring wider and stiffer competition among contractors and suppliers.
  • Saving in costs of publicity to procurement plans.
  • Striking a good bargain through demand aggregation and leveraging of buying power.
  • Reducing inventory costs by optimizing stock levels.
  • Ensuring that all departments procure every item of goods and services at best prices consistently.
  • Developing a pool of reliable contractors and enabling prequalified vendors to access other government departments.
  • Streamlining procurement steps to enable efficient and effective processes.
  • Reducing business costs to government and suppliers through better understanding of supply chains and procurement life cycle costs.
  • Ensuring better prices for government through an improved tender process linked to e-auction.
  • Providing suppliers a level playing field and a fair platform to compete.

Bangalore One - Integrated Citizen

Client: Government of Karnataka Project Description: The Bangalore One project aims "to provide to the citizens of Karnataka, all G2C and G2B services and information of departments and agencies of Central, State and Local Governments in an efficient, reliable, transparent and integrated manner on a sustained basis, with certainty, through easy access to a chain of computerized Integrated Citizen Service Centers (ICSC's) and through multiple delivery channels like Electronic Kiosks, mobile phones and the Internet. Project Objectives:

  • To provide 24 G2C services in a convenient and efficient manner through 15 B1 Service Centers.
  • To scale up the operations to eventually cover all the G2C services throughout Bangalore.
  • To enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness to citizen's needs.
  • To provide cost-effective methods of service provision to the departments and agencies.
  • To provide efficient and real-time MIS and EIS to the departments.
  • To manage the service provision through partnership with a consortium of Service Providers, to be selected through a competitive bid process.
  • To ensure speed and certainty of providing the services through enforcement of a Service Level Agreement with the selected service providers.
  • To enable the government departments and agencies to focus on their core functions and responsibilities by freeing them from the routine operations like collection of revenues and accounting, issuing of certificates etc, and thereby enhance the overall productivity of the administrative machinery.
Accolades: Bangalore One won the 2005-06 CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Award for being "Best in service orientation." The award is presented annually by the Computer Society of India and Nihilent Technologies.