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Forged as a public-private partnership, NISG offers the orientation and efficiency of the private sector combined with the accountability of the public sector.

Our Portfolio

Since its formation in 2002, NISG has provided services to several Central Ministries and State Governments and has been associated with over 18 of the 27 mission mode projects (MMPs).


NISG has its origins in the recommendations of the National Task Force on IT and Software Development.


Forged as a public-private partnership, all projects and engagements by NISG are awarded on a nomination basis only. As a policy and practice, NISG does not participate in any bidding process. The general practice adopted by all the departments/organizations has been to acquire specific internal approvals by the competent authorities to execute projects.


Indian Ministries


Current and
Past Projects
Without an iota of doubt, this is a Center of Excellence.

Shri. L.K. Joshi

Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms and Personnel Grievances


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