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Applications invited for the post of CEO, NISG

Advertisement F. No. 303/NISG-CA/2023, dated 15th July 2023

(This is issued in cancellation of earlier Advertisement F.No.303/NISG-CA/2023, dated 7th March 2023 & 19th March 2023)

The National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) is a premier organisation operating in the niche space of e-governance in India. NISG is looking for an accomplished leader for the role of its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This role carries with it the responsibility for providing strategic direction in the areas of business, customer services and human resource of the organisation. The CEO is accountable for delivering sustainable business outcomes, energising the NISG team, and influencing a complex web of external stakeholders to achieve the intended impact. The CEO reports to NISG’s Board.

1.      Primary job duties/responsibilities include the following:

(a) Vision and strategy: Develop and execute the vision and strategy of the organisation; secure alignment of the senior management of the organisation with the vision and strategy; formulate specific business plans, including investments and businesses 

(b) Governance, organisation structure and capability building: Create the organisational capabilities for  delivering   in accordance with the vision and strategy and as per business plans; ensure suitable checks and balances to ensure proper governance and effective reporting to the Board

(c) Customer and stakeholder management: Continuous customer feedback and effective engagement across current and potential customers and stakeholders

(d) Financial health, sustainability and risk management: Ensure sustainable growth with clear focus on improving internal resource generation to drive investments and capabilities; ensure proper risk management, including management of business risk

(e) Policies and processes: Formulating forward-looking policies and improving processes for effective delivery; deployment of state-of-the-art technology for the competitiveness of the organisation

2.      Age:

(a) Candidates below the age of 62 years and above the age of 50 years as on the date of this advertisement are eligible to apply.

(b) The term of office shall be for a maximum of five years or 65 years of age, whichever is earlier.

3.      Eligibility:

An Indian citizen with a graduate degree who possesses the following experience:

(a) Minimum 25 years of work experience as on the date of issue of this notice;


    Minimum of three years’ experience as—

(i) the chief executive; or

(ii) a direct reportee to the chief executive, with responsibility of the profit and loss of the organisation or its key business unit;

in an organisation—

(I) whose principal field of business is e-governance or information technology (IT) or emerging technologies or electronics or consulting; and

(II) which has an annual turnover of at least Rs. 200 crore in each of its last two audited annual financial statements.


(b) Experience of serving at the level of Additional Secretary to the Government of India or its equivalent in the Central Government or any State Government or the Government/Administration of a Union territory, with experience of leading the development and implementation of e-governance, technology, semiconductor and other electronics and related policies, programmes and projects.

4.      Term of office and location:

(a) The appointment is on contract, initially for a period of three years, extendable by two years on the basis of evaluation of performance by the Board, subject to attainment of the age of 65 years.

(b) However, an individual so appointed may be removed from office by the Board, after giving an opportunity of being heard, on the ground of misconduct (which will include dereliction or non-performance of duties as well as violation of terms and conditions of appointment), or physical incapacity, or unsoundness of mind, or insolvency, or conviction for an offence involving moral turpitude, or engagement in any other paid employment, or deciding a matter despite having conflict of interest, or furnishing as part of the appointment process information that is false or omits to specify material facts.

(c) The contract of the appointee can be terminated by either party to the contract by giving in writing advance notice of at least three months or salary in lieu of the notice period. 

(d) The position is based in Delhi and will require frequent travel.

5.      Consolidated remuneration and other benefits:

(a) Consolidated remuneration of Rs. 6,25,000 per month, 40% of which will be the basic salary, 30% will be towards allowances and reimbursements (which may consist of house rent allowance, leave travel allowance, special allowances, and reimbursement of expenditure incurred towards car running and maintenance, driver’s salary, professional development, professional attire and meal coupons, as approved by the Board), and the remaining 30% will be variable pay, which will be payable based on the Board’s assessment of the performance of NISG and such other parameters as the Board may decide from time to time.  The Board may fix higher consolidated remuneration considering the profile of the selected  candidate and industry norms. 

(b) Other benefits include group health insurance cover as per Board-approved company policy (currently, a family cover of up to Rs. 10 lakh per annum, with premium paid by the company) and personal accident insurance cover as per Board-approved company policy (currently, Rs. 3 lakh).

6.       Other terms and conditions of appointment:

(a) Leave will be admissible as per the company policy approved by its Board.

(b) The appointee will be governed by such rules of conduct as the Board may determine, including in respect of furnishing of declarations, undertakings and disclosures to ensure probity and absence of conflict of interest in the discharge of his/her functions and duties.

(c) The appointee will be bound to maintain confidentiality of the company’s information and intellectual property.

7.      Selection process:

(a) Appointments will be made by the Board of NISG, acting in a search-cum-selection mode. The Board will be free to also identify and recommend, based on suitability, any person other than those who apply for the post. Further, where the Board is satisfied in respect of outstanding individuals, it may also consider individuals in relaxation of the eligibility criteria.

(b) NISG reserves the right to cancel or withdraw the selection and appointment process at any stage, without assigning reasons.

8.      Application process:

Download Application Form 

Applicants may email the scanned copy of their duly completed application form, along with their curriculum vitae to by 28th July 2023.


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