RCI has considered as 'Avionics Hub' of DRDO. It is one of the three DRDO Labs of 'Missile Complex'. It houses different work centers, integration and testing facilities. RCI is a leading laboratory of Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) and responsible for development of missile system and also design, development and participation in production of missile avionics like Inertial Navigation Systems, Control Systems, Real Time Embedded Computers, Imaging Infrared Seeker, Radio Frequency Seeker and Power Supply Systems. Telemetry and Tele command systems are also developed in RCI to evaluate missile performance during its development phase.
RCI currently looking for 14 engineers(6 software Engineers, 4 Hardware Engineers, 4 FPGA IP core developers) for a period of 2 years to support in the development of avionics system hardware and software for their ongoing projects. 
Interested candidates, please apply for a suitable position by email (rcipositions@nisg.org)
The last day for receiving applications is 10th Feb 2019.