Title : Shortlisting of an Agency for the implementation of the National Judicial Reference System (NJRS)


Shortlisting of an Agency for the implementation of the National Judicial Reference System

Client Name : Director General of Income Tax (Legal & Research), Income Tax Department

Client Type : Central Government

Project Genesis / Description

The Income Tax Department (ITD) is responsible for collecting Direct Taxes and administering the Income Tax Law and other direct tax statutes for Government of India. A four level adjudication mechanism has been provided under the Income Tax Act, 1961 for disputes arising out of the orders passed by various authorities under the Act.

A key constraint is the absence of a consolidated database of pending litigation and the manual process of monitoring. To achieve efficiency in tax litigation there is a need to create a centralized, indexed and searchable electronic repository, where information pertaining to the details of pending appeals as well as details of the decisions in decided matters is accessible to all officers of the department in different corners of the country.

Project Objectives

It is proposed to appoint a professional implementing agency (IA) to study, design, develop, implement, commission, maintain and also operate the NJRS for the Income Tax Department. The NJRS would conceptually comprise of two components:

  • Appeals Repository & Management System (ARMS): An information system and online repository of all pending appeals at the ITAT, High Courts and the Supreme Court along with relevant appeal documents.
  • Judicial Research & Reference System (JRRS): A repository of judicial orders as a single, indexed, searchable, cross-linked database of orders/Judgments of ITATs, Authority for Advance Ruling, High Courts & the Supreme Court. It will also have the relevant statutory enactments, circulars etc.

NISG's Methodology / Solution

The NJRS project development and maintenance requires domain expertise which is available with the content providers who are in the business of creating income tax judgements repositories similar to the JRRS which the department wishes to create. Also the skillset of an IT vendor would be required for the implementation of the NJRS application.

Hence a consortium approach was taken for the selection of the bidder for the development of the NJRS project, through a RFP, wherein the content provider and the IT vendor would bid as a consortium. The existing database of the content provider, on a perpetual license to the IT department, would be taken as the base for the JRRS content. A Central Data Processing Center (CDPC) would be managed by the IA for processing the appeals and judgements for the duration of the project. The NJRS system would be a web based application accessible over the internet to the users.

Current Status

The RFP was prepared and floated for shortlisting the IA. The quote of the L1 selected through the bid process was much higher than the estimated value of the project. The department has decided to go for a rebid. NISG engagement has been extended for the rebid. Rebid process has been initiated.

Published On : 23rd August, 2013