Title : Design of Capacity Building Roadmap for State Governments


Realizing the need for capacity building for e-Governance, Department of IT, Government of India mandated the design of Capacity Building Roadmap for all the states. CBRM is a comprehensive, coordinated state wide plan for setting up of institutional structure, identification of people and skill-set for augmenting existing capabilities and other important ingredients required for building human capital. NISG assisted many of the states in design of CBRM. The assignment was undertaken in the year 2005-2006.

Client Type : State Government


NeGP is an ambitious program of the Government of India aimed at improving delivery of government services to citizens and businesses with the help of Information and Communication Technology. Considering the nature and scale of e-Governance initiatives planned under NeGP, the role of the State Governments in managing these initiatives is seen as critical. It is also well recognized that for States to play their role effectively, significant capacities need to be built / upgraded. Thus, for the success of NeGP, it is necessary to enhance the capacities in the State Governments and its Nodal Agencies to enable issues to be dealt with in a competent manner, with a holistic perspective and with speed.

Need for Capacity Building Roadmap (CBRM)

There is a requirement to address capacity needs with in the States. Capacity Building Roadmap is the best tool to fulfill such requirement. The need for building a CBRM can be enunciated with the help of three reasons:

  • e-Governance Projects are unlike conventional IT Projects. NeGP focuses on service, service levels and sustainability and not on software and hardware. The current system, institutions and people are not in a position to effectively address this challenge.
  • Managing the complexity of NeGP -Common policies, Standards and Infrastructure across multiple "independent" departments are the pillars of NeGP. However, there is no institutional mechanism in place in States to appreciate the significance of common policies, infrastructure and standards.
  • NeGP proposes significant funding to States over a four year period. The funding is likely to remain unutilized due to the lack of understanding among the Governments over what kind of skills need to be imparted among the staff.

Capacity Building Roadmap effectively addresses some of these questions through preparation of a comprehensive, coordinated State wide plan for:

  • Setting up appropriate institutions
  • Identification of people and skill set for augmenting existing capacities
  • Plan/Mechanism for acquiring people
  • Identification of funding Sources for implementing the plan
  • Training Needs Assessment and Training Partners

What is Capacity Building Roadmap

Capacity Building Roadmap is a document which lays down the plan for developing institutional mechanisms, acquiring the technical expertise within and outside the government, sets plan for training on specific areas for this team and projects the need (and costs) for outsourcing activities which require specialized skills.

CBRM analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of existing institutional structures. It also analyses the current capacities available within the Government at the state level and individual department level for e-Governance.

Capacity Building Roadmap addresses the following:

  • Setting up appropriate institutionalized framework for e-Governance
  • Identification of people and skill set for augmenting existing capacities
  • Leveraging the internal Capacities of people within the Government through adequate training
  • Involvement of professionals from the Privates sector in different areas to complement the existing government capacities.
  • Training Needs Assessment

Approach used for Building CBRM by NISG

The exercise for the Capacity Building Roadmap was started with making an assessment of the "As Is" status. Based on the existing and future IT initiatives, a "To Be" scenario was prepared. The capacity needs and the training needs were arrived at after taking into consideration the e-Governance Roadmap, the institutional structure in the State and the gap between the "As Is" and "To Be" status.The following figure represents the 4 stages in preparation of CBRM.

Where Are We: "As-Is" Study: The Approach for "As-Is" Study was:

Assessment of capacities available in areas of Project Management, Change Management, Financial Management and Technology Management in departments taken up for study in the State

  • Analysis of Strengths and Weaknesses of the existing Capacity Building Institutions (institutional structure) mandated to plan and implement e-Governance Initiatives.
  • Evaluation of training initiatives of the Capacity Building Institutions in the State, their course content, coverage and reach
  • Assessment of the capacity of the nominated State Nodal Agency

Where do we want to reach-"To-Be study": The Methodology used for the "To-Be" study was:

  • Knowing the future ICT initiatives of the State and of individual departments and assessment of capacities that would be required in a five year perspective for implementing the future Projects in the pipeline. E-governance Roadmap was studied in detail.
  • Finalizing the nature, extent of Capacity and talent pool that needs to be developed in house and also through external participation in line with the State e-Government roadmap.

How do we reach: The Gap assessment

The Gap assessment included detailed discussion with officials of respective State Government, which included:

  • Finalization of the Capacity Building Framework of the State at the Apex Level, Program Level and Project level.
  • Strategies for strengthening the training Institutions and level of competencies and for leveraging their infrastructure for the Capacity Building Exercise.
  • Preparation of comprehensive State Government Strategy and plan for composition of SeMT & PeMT Detailed strategy on how the designated agency would undertake capacity building, following the option of judicious mix of options, and develop an overall training strategy.

The assignment of building the Capacity Building Roadmap for each State was completed in approx. 2-3 months time. NISG took assistance of its empanelled consulting firms in designing the Roadmap.NISG assisted the following State Governments through the involvement of its empanelled consultant firms in the preparation of CBRM. Few of the States which took NISG's assistance in formulating the CBRM are given below:

  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Chhattisgarh
  • Delhi
  • Jharkhand
  • Karnataka
  • Maharashtra
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Orissa
  • Punjab
  • Sikkim

NISG urges Central Government Ministries to undertake such assignment aimed at planning the capacity building initiatives in the respective department in a structured way.

Published On : 11th July, 2013