Title : Orissa Urban CSC


One of the e-Governance initiatives of Government of Orissa is Creation of Urban Citizen Service Centers in the state. The government recognizes the need of the citizens to access anytime anywhere services in an efficient, reliable and transparent manner and wishes to significantly improve the service delivery capability of the State Government departments. The project aims to make the Citizen services available through common Citizen Service Centers so that the Citizens can avail the bouquet of services in single place.

Client Type : State Government

Start Date : 28th March, 2008

End Date : 27th March, 2009

Project Description

As part of the project, the National Institute for Smart Government (NISG) undertook to provide Consulting services to identify the departments, conceptualize and design the citizen centric services that would be made available through urban CSCs. Preparation of Vision, Mission of the projects, technical architecture also form part of the consulting services. NISG also suggested the suitable business model, Service Level Management for this Urban CSC project. NISG will also assist OCAC in successful implementation of CSCs in proposed cities by providing advisory services, reviewing key documents, helping in implementation of change management initiatives, suggesting possible process changes. The key deliverables of NISG are:

  • Identification of List of prioritized Services
  • AS IS Assessment report
  • Vision, Mission, Scope & Objectives
  • Technology Architecture
  • SLA Metrics
  • Business Model
  • Change Management, Training & Communication Strategies

Project Genesis

Government of India (GoI) has approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) that seeks to lay the foundation for the long term growth of e-Governance in the country. NeGP is aimed at improving the quality, accessibility and effectiveness of Government services to citizens and businesses with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Considering the nature and scale of the e-Governance initiatives planned under NeGP, the role of the State Governments in managing these initiatives is seen as critical. Government of Orissa (GoO) has been taking several initiatives towards modernizing the service delivery. As part of the e-Governance Roadmap (EGRM), prepared by GoO, the State has identified certain priority departments for participation in the Roadmap based on aspects such as degree of citizen interface, development priorities of the state etc.  
The Department of Information Technology, Government of Orissa (GoO) is playing the anchor role in promoting e-Governance in the State. It has initiated several key projects in this space including development of EGRM, State Data Centre. The government of Orissa recognizes the need of the citizens to access anytime anywhere services in an efficient, reliable and transparent manner and wishes to significantly improve the service delivery capability of the State Government departments.
To create wide spread deployment of e-Governance in Orissa, Government of Orissa has requested NISG, to provide consultancy support to them in taking up the initiative of Creation of Urban Citizen Service Centers in an integrated and coordinated manner in three cities viz. Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Berhampur.


 To establish the service delivery channels of Orissa eSeva Project as an obvious choice for accessing G2C and G2B services and most preferred option for B2C Services by year 2012.


The broad objectives of Government of Orissa for establishment of the proposed Orissa eSeva project are given below:

  • To provide G2C, G2B and B2C services from the Urban CSCs in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Berhampur. 
  • To build up scalable set up of Urban CSC for meeting the expected growing preference of citizen of Urban CSC as service delivery channel.
  • To provide user friendly delivery channel to citizens.
  • To follow the Service Level Agreement for saving time, energy, and cost incurred by government and citizen in availing the prioritized services.
  • To enhance the accountability, transparency and responsiveness to citizen s needs.
  • To create citizen centric image of GoO.
  • To enable the government departments and agencies to focus on their core functions and responsibilities by freeing them from the citizen interfacing work and thereby enhance the overall productivity of the administrative machinery.

Stakeholders for the project

The key project stakeholders include the IT Secretary- Government of Orissa, CEO - OCAC, participating departments of the Government of Orissa, implementation partners including the official bankers selected to provide Citizen services, business houses offering their services and finally citizens of the Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Berhampur.

Services provided by the project

The key services planned to  be provided under Orissa Urban CSC project include:
Payment of water, electricity, telephone bills etc as well as receipt of applications for new connections related to such services.

  • Payment of Holding tax
  • Issue of birth/death certificates etc.
  • Filing of grievances
  • Issue/renewal of driving licenses
  • Booking of railway and airline tickets.
  • Payment of Telephone bills.
  • Other B2C services 

Implementation detail

The Orissa Urban CSC project is being implemented through PPP mode, with minimal upfront investment from the government. GoO have already floated a tender for selection of Implementation Agency for the rural CSCs and also selected a partner to develop the portal which will be used by the CSCs to access the department applications in due course of time. CMS Computers has been selected as Implementing Agency (IA) for this Urban CSC project. The CMS computers is one the three agencies selected through the tending processing for setting up of rural CSCs in Orissa State. CMS has a service level agreement with OCAC to ensure services of exceptional quality. The Government of Orissa has decided to rollout of the services of Urban Local Body (ULB) departmnet successfully and thereafter to integrate other departmental service into the citizen service delivery framework. NIC has developed back end applications for these departments and these applications will be integrated to the CSC application developed by the IA. The solution designed for Urban CSC will enable seamless integration of current and new services/applications from government departments into the proposed solution with minimal impact and changes. It will facilitate integration with the applications across various government departments consisting of heterogeneous platforms and databases (e.g. integration of the application with the relevant databases, applications of the Municipal department, transport, health etc) through an application integrator using web services standards

The CSCs will offer the services all through the year from 8 AM to 8 PM. Citizens can access any service from any center. The citizen centers are designed to handle redundancy, additional load, offline services and disaster recovery. Citizens and business entities can pay in cash or through card/cheque/demand draft. Queues are managed electronically in every center, which has seating space for visitors.

Current Status

NISG has conducted AS-IS assessment of Urban Local Bodies of Government of Orissa and suggested the services that are to be launched through CSC. Also submitted Technology Architecture for urban CSC project as part of deliverables, valuable inputs are given to IT Department for integrating the backend department applications with CSC application.

The implementation activities of the project are at advance stage. IT Department, Government of Orissa decided to start with 5 CSCs initially across the three cities.  Three CSCs in Bhubaneswar and one each in Cuttack and Berhampur.  The sites for CSCs in three cities are identified by OCAC and handed over to CMS. The setting up of CSC infrastructure, the integration activities of backend applications of ULB department with CSC application are in advance stage. The Government of Orissa is planning to launch Urban CSC project very shortly.

Published On : 11th July, 2013