Title : e-Government Procurement (e-GP)


e-GP is one of the Mission Mode Projects (MMP) under e-Bharat. Led by the Ministry of Commerce, GoI, eGP is being designed and implemented to address the core issues relating to the effective application of e-GP in India and enhancing procurement performance through use of e-GP in goods, works and services.

Client Name : Department of Commerce, Govt. of India

Client Type : Central Government

Start Date : 11th December, 2007

Project Description

Benefits of use of e-procurement have been extensively discussed and governments across the globe are actively transitioning to wider adoption of e-GP. International experience suggests that successful e-GP implementation also serve as a vehicle for procurement reforms and yield sustainable short to long term benefits to the Governments.

Successful e-GP strategies are built around the core dimensions of information technology (relating to technological standards and rules), procurement (relating to business process reengineering of the procurement process) and change management (relating to the steps necessary in order to assist executing agencies adopt new practices). In addition, proper leadership and managerial arrangement are essential to establish coordination with the overall reforms agenda.

As part of the assignment, the following documents would be prepared:

  • e-GP Framework
  • 4 Reports on Procurement Assessment Study
  • 4 Detailed Project Reports (DPRs)(one DPR for GoI Dept. and one DPR each for the 3 State Govs)
  • RFPs for the Selection of the Implementation Agency for each of the 4 entities

Project Genesis

Based on a mandate from Dept. of Personnel and Administrative Reforms, Govt.of India for adoption of e-Procurement by all State Governments and Central Government Departments. 


The vision of the e-procurement project is: "To enhance the efficiency and transparency in public procurement through the implementation of a comprehensive e-procurement solution to be used by all government organizations in the State, including the public sector undertakings."


  • Enhancing procurement performance through use of e-GP in procurement of goods, works & services
  • Improved efficiency in government spending, improved governance, transparency, equal opportunity and through this achieve enhanced public confidence in government spending leading to better policy development and overall economic growth

Stakeholders for the project

Department of Commerce, Department of IT Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Dept. of Health and Family Welfare, World Bank, DGS&D, Indian Railways, NIC. NISG, PwC.

Services provided by the project

The e-procurement system is designed to take the procurement process to the next level through appropriate use of ICT. The services provided under the project include:

  • Improved efficiency through reduced cycle time for processing tenders
  • Saving in costs and time, as there is no need to publish tender notice in newspapers
  • Since bidders participate with anonymity, there is no scope for cartel formation
  • Those who want to tender can participate freely and fearlessly in a fair environment
  • Transparency in the process of tendering
  • Improvement in work culture in all the participating departments
  • Build-up of valuable database on goods, services, works and contractors
  • Economies of scale due to aggregation of requirements
  • Improved access to procurement information and analytical reports

In other words, administrators, politicians, suppliers and citizens will reap the benefits of transparency, efficiency, cost savings, monitoring & control, transactional effectiveness and improved accessibility.

At the government level, the unitary e-procurement system is expected to result in:

  • Enhanced monitoring, leading to timely completion of projects
  • Timely procurements & supplies
  • Better procurement planning

Implementation detail

Yet to move into Implementation Phase

Current Status

The Procurement Assessment Report has been submitted for the States of Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh and for the Dept. of Health and Family Welfare, GoI. The Detailed Project Reports and RFPs for Kerala, Madhya Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh are under preparation.

Published On : 11th July, 2013