Title : Visa, Immigration & Foreigners Registration & Tracking MMP


The Immigration Visa & Foreigners Registration & Tracking Mission Mode Project (MMP) initiated by MHA aims to develop a comprehensive approach to design an integrated solution, so as to streamline and simplify procedures in line with the philosophy of the NeGP.

Client Name : Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Client Type : Central Government

Start Date : 8th September, 2008

Project Description

The National Institute for Smart Government (NISG), in association with private partner, Capgemini, undertook to provide consulting services to Ministry of Home Affairs to conceptualize, architect and define the Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Tracking Mission Mode Project.

The overall task includes streamlining functions, processes, people, technology and resources and designing a secured and integrated ICT system for Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration & an interface with the Passport system that enables seamless information flow among various stakeholders and facilitation of in-bound and out-bound travelers from and to India.

Project Genesis

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Bureau of Immigration (BoI), Government of India (GOI) have been making efforts on several fronts in improving the systems related to Immigration and Foreigner's Registration over the last several years. Similarly, the Ministry of External Affairs has also embarked upon certain modernization and e-Governance initiatives in the Passport and Visa domains. There is however the need for the initiatives related to these four entities to be undertaken in a closely coordinated manner, to achieve substantial transformation in providing services to Indian Citizens and Foreigners.

There are also other stakeholders like Customs, Tourism, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MOIA) who need information from MHA and vice versa.

The MHA conceptualized the MMP that aims to develop a comprehensive approach to address the challenges related to Immigration, Visa and Foreigners' Registration & Tracking, so as to streamline and simplify procedures in line with the philosophy of the NeGP.


To develop a secure, integrated service delivery framework that facilitates the legitimate travelers while strengthening the security.


The overall objective of the MMP based around the core values of security, enablement and customer facilitation are:

  • Integrated ICT system for Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration and interface with passport system
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness of the immigration system for facilitation of legitimate services and to prevent illegal immigration
  • Develop a secure and integrated information collection and dissemination system for intelligence driven decision making
  • Provide data confidentiality and integrity to ensure privacy and security

Stakeholders for the project

The impact of the subjects of Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration & Tracking being quite wide-ranging and sensitive, a consultative approach is being adopted in designing the MMP impacting the following stakeholders:

  • Bureau of Immigration (BOI)
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • State Police
  • Central Excise & Customs department
  • Ministry of Tourism
  • Ministry of External Affairs (CPV Division)
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Carriers (Air / Ship / Land)
  • Foreigners Regional Registration Offices (FRROs)
  • Foreigners Registration Offices (FROs)
  • Security Agencies

Implementation detail

The Consultants shall study existing functions, processes & services, identify & prioritize the services, identify existing capacities in terms of technology and people and prepare the assessment report. A Best Practices study will be conducted to identify best practices, create benchmarks, and prepare the report with recommendations which add value to the initiatives envisaged under the project. Based on the assessment report, best practices study and stakeholder consultation, prepare a list of services , prioritize them and re-engineer the prioritized services and associated processes (related to I-V-FR & T). An Integrated Solution Architecture (both functional and technical) for building a comprehensive solution in tune with the re-engineered processes spanning the complete scope of the MMP shall be developed.
In addition to the solution architecture, other relevant recommendations and functional specifications should be worked out for suitable technological interventions in order to achieve the objectives envisaged by the Ministry in an efficient and sustainable manner. Based on the training need assessment under AS IS study, a Capacity Building (CB) Strategy & Plan both in the domain and technology areas, shall be designed over a medium and long term for the concerned personnel of MHA.

Implementing a program such as I-V-FR&T MMP, that impacts citizens & foreigners in a direct manner and has linkages with a wide-ranging set of stakeholders, calls for a well planned implementation and program management strategy. This includes:

  • Design Program Implementation Plan
  • Design PMU & Project Governance Structure
  • Design Data Migration & Transition Plan
  • Design Monitoring & Evaluation Framework including Indicators for Impact/ Outcome Assessment
  • Defining PPP options wherever feasible and viable taking in to consideration the security concerns
  • Formulation of project implementation plans

The end product is a Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the project. The DPR will give the complete scope of the project, the phasing strategy, and the costing for the project.

Current Status

The Current Assessment is under progress. The As-Is process maps are prepared which are to be validated by the respective stakeholders.

Published On : 11th July, 2013