Title : eBiz


The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India has been pursuing an e-Government project called eBiz.The main purpose of the project is to create a one-stop-shop of convenient and efficient services to the investors, businesses and industries.

Client Name : Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Ministry of Commerce, Government of India

Client Type : Central Government

Start Date : 1st June, 2007

End Date : 1st December, 2009

Project Description

The key features are:

  • Creation of a business-friendly environment
  • A service-oriented approach to the investors, industries and businesses
  • Catering to all the requirements of businesses for G2B services through their life - cycle

Project Genesis

Various studies and feedback from existing/potential foreign investors have shown that even though India has a liberal FDI Policy, economic and political stability, complexities in the approvals required for setting up the projects and thereafter in dealing with the regulatory agencies during the entire lifecycle of such projects are among the major difficulties experienced by the investors in the implementation of projects. Since India has now a very liberal policy on FDI and technology transfer, perception about complexities in the regulatory framework, procedural delays and bottlenecks are now perceived as major impediments to attract greater FDI into the country.
The World Bank Report on ‘Investment Climate in India has also highlighted that, apart from macro or country level issues concerning economic and political stability, efficacy of country's regulatory framework is an important determinant towards creating an attractive investment climate. As far as local market size and labour costs are concerned, India is well positioned.  However, in respect of amount of time that plant manager spends dealing with the Government officials and the number of inspection visits per year, India fares rather poorly.
The World Bank Report on "Doing Business in 2004" also highlights that number of procedures, time taken and  cost of transactions are the major obstacles for foreign investors in India.  It is particularly stated that procedures involved in starting a business are complex, time taking and expensive.
eBiz seeks to eliminate to a large extent such procedural bottlenecks and thereby facilitate the creation of investment climate by way of creating a mechanism for smooth and hassle free industry-Government interface. The portal would be specifically targeted to address the issues related to pre-establishment approvals and post- establishment requirement of submitting returns/reports etc. by foreign investors.
The e-Biz project would be a step in the direction of resolving these problems through electronic interface of Industry with the Government.


The vision of eBiz is to create a business-friendly environment in the country by providing efficient, convenient, transparent and integrated electronic services to investors, industries and businesses in the areas of information on forms & procedures, approvals, clearances and permissions, reporting, filing, payments and compliances throughout the life-cycle.


The objectives of eBiz are:

  • To reduce the time for pre-establishment processes
  • To provide simplified forms, procedures and information in a convenient and cost-effective manner
  • To enable event-based, online B2G interactions and transactions
  • To establish a single-window mechanism integrating the services of central, state and local governments
  • To enhance transparency, speed, certainty & responsiveness
  • To automate workflow in the regulatory departments
  • To reduce the burden of compliance by reducing the number of registers and returns
  • To rationalize the inspection regime
  • To establish automated systems for online tracking and monitoring of applications, grievance redressal and dispute resolution

Stakeholders for the project

The stakeholders identified for eBiz are Entrepreneurs, Foreign Direct Investors in Large and Medium Projects, Indian investors, Large /Medium / SSI sectors, Industries & Businesses, Industry Associations, Regulatory agencies, Central, State, Local Governments, Industrial Promotion agencies, Banks & Financial Institutions, Taxation authorities, EXIM houses, Citizens.

Services provided by the project

Registration, filing of forms, returns, payments, requests for permissions, approvals, licenses, seeking information and records, tracking the status of requests are some of the services provided by the project.

Current Status

The bid process involving the selection of vendor is in progress.

Published On : 11th July, 2013