Title : National Mission Mode Project for e-Governance in Municipalities


The National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) of Government of India, has identified the formulation of various Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) in e-Governance, including one for Municipalities under the ownership of the Ministry of Urban Development. MMP for eGovernance in Municipalities (referred to as NMMP in this document) is implemented under Phase-I of JNNURM and applicable to 65 Mission cities.

Client Name : Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

Client Type : Central Government

Start Date : 1st April, 2009

End Date : 31st August, 2013


Some of the key objectives of the Municipal MMP are

  1. Focus on clearly identified list of citizen services that would be covered with clearly laid down service levels and outcomes that would be achieved;
  2. Improve efficiency and effectiveness in interaction between local-government and its citizens and other stakeholders;
  3. Improve quality of internal local-government operations to support and stimulate good governance;
  4. Bring about transparency and accountability in the governance of urban local bodies (ULBs);
  5. Enhance interface between ULBs and citizens; and
  6. Help improve delivery of services to citizens

About the NMMP

The NMMP for e-Governance in municipalities is being implemented as part of the capacity building initiative under JNNURM and is being rolled out in 65 Mission Cities. The following services are covered in first phase of the project, as provided in e-Governance guidelines of JNNURM:

Table 1: e-Governance services covered under JNNURM


Birth & Death Registration


Project/Ward Works


Payment of Property Tax




Water Supply & Other Utilities


Solid Waste Management


Grievances & Suggestions


Accounting System


Building Approvals


Personnel Information System





Figure 1: eGovernance Applications Suite

Journey so far

JNNURM was launched in Dec, 2005 to initiate urban sector reforms and strengthening of Municipal Governments and their functioning. JNNURM guidelines detailed the objectives of the scheme, the services to be covered under the MMP, the focus of e-governance initiatives, release of central assistance and the implementation guidelines. The National Municipal MMP was conceptualized and detailed design documents were developed by MoUD with the assistance from INDO USAID, PwC and NISG.

On the recommendation of DIT, in April 2009, NISG setup the National Project Management Unit (NPMU) at the Ministry of Urban Development to oversee the implementation of the program at National level. During the appraisal of initial DPRs, issues such as standardization, integration requirements, limited IT skills in the ULBs and high cost (one time and recurring) towards Application Software emerged. In order to overcome these limitations, on 3rd Dec 2009, it was decided in consultation with DeitY that, a State Level Software Solution (SLSS) would be developed and deployed instead of discrete software solution for each ULB. Same software will be utilized by all mission cities in the state with the ULBs in 7 mega cities being an exception.

Under the Program, 29 DPRs have been approved, including 14 State-level and 15 ULB-level projects, covering 16 states. With these NMMP projects, a beginning has been made in the direction of providing benefits of e-Governance to multiple stakeholders. After completion of more than three years under JNNURM; the NMMP has reached operational phase

It may be noted that already five projects, have achieved Go-Live status for their services with another three in advanced stages of implementation.

Published On : 24th February, 2014