Title : Formulation of Strategic Operational Plan for Central Police Canteen (CPC) Operations


The assignment was initiated by the Ministry of Home Affairs on behalf of Central Police Canteens. The CPC scheme is a welfare initiative to provide high quality, branded consumer goods at lower than market prices to the police and central security forces. And serve a customer base of approx. 10 lakh active and 5 lakh retired police personnel.

Client Name : Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India

Client Type : Central Government

Start Date : 1st January, 1985

End Date : 1st January, 1992

Project Genesis/Description

CPC has been running its operations as an attached office of MHA since 2006. A need was felt by the governing body of CPC for the following:

  • To streamline operations of CPC system by extending the maximum welfare benefits  to the Jawans
  • To improve access (reach) to the canteens for all serving and retired personnel
  • To cater to the needs of expanded network of State Police forces (approx. 20 lakh additional personnel)

The objective was to build a roadmap for CPC to enable the network of canteens to provide  a range good quality  products at cheaper rates to the Jawans, while ensuring sustainability and transparency of operations.

Project Objectives

MHA was seeking assistance for devising the Strategic Operational Roadmap for enhancing the CPC operations as well as for the overall modernization of the canteens. The key focus of the strategy would be to maximize the welfare benefits for beneficiaries while making the canteens self sustaining. The strategic roadmap would include:

  • An operational framework for improving the retail operations of CPC
  • An institutional framework for managing and running the operations across levels
  • An information framework to support decision making and monitoring of the canteen network
  • Appropriate management control systems and audit mechanisms

NISG's Methodology/Solution

The methodology followed by NISG to arrive at the Strategic Roadmap is depicted below:

The Strategic Roadmap was drawn out with a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) approach. Long-term and Short-term recommendations were formulated in the following areas:

  • Financial – A detailed financial model (P&L) was prepared for a 5-year period in line with the targets of CPC
  • Customer – The product categorization and canteen store formats were devised keeping in view the location, terrain and clustering of forces
  • Business Process – Revamped supply chain, distribution and logistics processes were formulated to ensure smooth delivery and availability of products at the canteens, while ensuring low buildup of inventory
  • Learning and Growth – A complete institutional structure map was created, including the formation of a formal legal structure for CPC head office along with detailed roles and responsibilities

All components of the CPC strategy will require a robust Information Technology Backbone for an efficient, effective and transparent system to support decision making and monitoring of the CPC operations.

Current Status

The first phase of the assignment has been successfully completed and all recommendations have been accepted by the client. The next phase includes:

  • Formation of a Task Force to spearhead the implementation of the Strategic Roadmap.
  • Conducting a Pilot to test and fine-tune the implementation.

Published On : 13th January, 2014