The objective of strategy consulting is to develop a vision for the ministry / department. It includes creating e-governance roadmaps, preparing frameworks, guidelines, advice on program development and on creating e-governance infrastructure, developing business models, monitoring and evaluation frameworks etc.

NISG assists the Governments by defining the vision, mission, goals for the programs and projects and formulating a strategy for converting the vision into reality. Here is a list of few of the activities reflecting our expertise in strategic consulting area:

  • Strategy Planning for e-Governance- We provide Strategic Advice to Department of IT, Government of India in the design and implementation of NeGP. We associate with private Sector and the consultant fraternity to conduct research studies in strategic areas of e-Governance.
  • Designing e-Governance Roadmaps (EGRM)- for Ministries of Government of India and for State Governments. NISG takes pride in claiming that NISG was the brain behind the development of e-Government roadmaps by most of the states in India.
  • Designing of IT Roadmap- for departments, corporations and other public sector undertaking.
  • Supporting- the Central and State Governments in designing large Information Infrastructure projects cutting across
    departments / ministries. For instance, NISG is assisting Department of IT, Government of India in setting up National Service Delivery Gateway project.
  • Designing models and frameworks- for the speedy execution of e-Gov programs and projects. The development of Monitoring and Evaluation framework for NeGP and e-Government Assessment Framework are few of the examples of our work in this area.