The approval of National e-Governance Plan by Government of India has given a fillip to the e-Governance initiatives in the country. Information Technology companies with strengths in products and services alike are expected to play a major role in the success of NeGP.

Technology companies by virtue of their global operations possess rich knowledge which can directly be applied to solve teething technological challenges faced by various Governments in India. In addition, technology companies are rich repositories of best practices, case studies, research reports having direct relevance to Indian Government. NISG feels that a partnership with such technology companies will go a long way in finding solutions to some of the technological problems facing the Indian Government.

NISG invites IT companies of repute to partner with us for carrying out research in the areas related to e-Government. Our intention behind associating with technology companies is to look for opportunities to solve genuine business problems within the Indian Government by utilizing technology in an innovative way. Such partnerships will prove the viability of the solutions developed with no risk to the Government by publishing research papers, developing case studies and sponsoring proof of concepts around the developed solutions.

The following are some of the areas where technology companies can look forward to partner with NISG for providing funding support / technology support to Government of India through NISG:

  • Enabling research and solution frameworks for Governments in jointly identified areas.
  • Create new class of applications and solutions that focus on optimizing the delivery of government services in identified areas.
  • Create a framework and architecture to incorporate the use of information technology in the functioning of the various government departments.
  • The technology partners can create a lab environment for Government and their agencies to experiment with the new range of technologies that can be applied in e- Governance.
  • Conduct appropriate research and proof of concept for applying emerging technologies like Smart devices, RFID, Smart Cards in e-Governance Solutions.
  • Technology partner will also work with NISG to help adopt and implement interoperability solutions in e-Governance applications and will also share its knowledge and experience in working with government across the world on e-Governance projects.