NISG empanels reputed firms / companies in accordance with an established procedure through an annual empanelment process. These companies are involved in different areas of e-governance on a case by case basis. The areas include:

  • Strategic Planning: Developing programs, strategies, framework, program management units etc.
  • Project Consultancy: Conceptualizing a project, architecting functions, technology, people, process and resource,
    designing solutions around commercial off the shelf / enterprise applications, preparing business models, request for proposal and tender documents as well as bid process management.
  • Project Implementation: Managing and monitoring a project (including service level), handling issues, and undertaking mid-term appraisal.
  • Post-Implementation Support: Evaluating and appraising a project, conducting security and application audit, and performing quality assurance checks.
  • Strategic HR: Assessing capacity and analyzing gaps, building capacity and augmenting it through methodologies for sourcing highly skilled manpower.
  • Process Re-Engineering: Identifying stakeholder needs, studying government processes to effect improvements, and designing change management plans as well as organizational restructuring strategies in sync with government processes identified for re-engineering.
  • Research & Analysis: Assessing socioeconomic impact of ICT initiatives, identifying leading technologies for use in solution desig, examining the impact of large e-government projects that have been implemented, adopting open standards, and preparing case studies.

The work is awarded to the consulting companies through a close bid process. The decision to invite bids from firms is discretionary in nature and proposals are invited only from the agencies which are deemed fit to carry out a particular scope of work.