Indian Bureau of Mines
The Ministry of Mines, Government of India as a policy decision felt a need to develop “Mining Tenement System (MTS)” and nominated IBM as the Purchaser for the project. The proposed system of MTS will facilitate the entrepreneur to identify the suitable areas for various types of mineral concessions that are mining tenements viz. Reconnaissance Permit (RP), ML, PL-CUM-ML and Non-exclusive RP through web based technology services and enable IBM and State Governments to monitor and manage the mining activities. The web-based system would integrate with Geographical Information System (GIS), so that information could be shown spatially in the form of maps as a service to the end users. The system will also facilitate the functioning of IBM in terms of mines inspection, on-line returns from different stakeholders, data collection etc.
The idea is to ensure the development and implementation of integrated web based solution for Mining Tenement System (MTS) integrating needs of states as well as center seamlessly, for the benefits of mining stakeholders. Automation of the Mining Tenement System would not only reduce the procedural complexities in grant of mineral concessions but would also promote the aims of transparency, accountability and efficient governance. This is expected to:
(i)Reduce the physical interaction of the concessionaires with the Government
(ii)Optimize the response time of the Government in providing services to the concessionaires
The key objectives of MTS are:
•Automation of the entire concessions life-cycle process from 'grant of mineral concessions like ML, PL-cum-ML through auction till closure of mine Transparency in mineral application processing
•Creation of databases and Management Information System (MIS) reports to facilitate adequate reporting to Ministry of Mines, Indian Bureau of Mines and State DMGs
•Online submission of notices and returns and status tracking for entrepreneurs
•Monitoring the mining scenario of the country.
Sl. No Designation Qualifications and Experience 
1 Office Staff Graduate with 3 years of experience
Contract period: 2 years (which would be extended depending upon performance and requirement).


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